“The Business in a Nutshell”

ONLINE MAGAZINE: 742 magazine is a lifestyle branding magazine focusing on cars and car enthusiast alike. As a vehicle, pun intended, it allows a platform for startups, small businesses and corporation to get their brand out to the world one page at a time. Its major focus is to link of the manufacture and the end user, making both accessible as they weren’t before.  Request a Quote


Business consulting:       We bring a hands on approach to guiding your business as a whole. From taking on concepts that are currently in play, to ones that will help to generate more interest in your business, it’s our goal to look at every aspect and make it the best it could possibly be for the business overall.  Request a Quote

Social media management:         We manage all aspects of your social media life. From FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, LINK’D IN, KIK, to TUMBLR, WORDPRESS, and YouTUBE, we strive to keep your accounts not only active with regular postings, but as well as keeping you relevant on the various platforms and keep you in constant connection with your clients as a whole.  Request a Quote


ONSITE ACTIVATION:                     Street team promotions and promotion in general, we find the locations for you and allow your brand to be seen. It’s about the logistics of pre-production of finding the staff, handling the permits and other legalese, so that you don’t have to fret with the small stuff. In Post Production, or after the event, we make sure that the clients don’t have to worry about anything and that it is ultimately a success.  Request a Quote


BRANDING MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING: Taking on your company and seeing what audience, clientele and the overall purpose of your business is. You are nothing without your brand, or what you are known for, and we help to cultivate this, to make sure that you’re not only the best in your field, but you are the go-to business to handle said business for your clients.  Request a Quote


PRODUCT PLACEMENT: We work hand-in-hand with clients and big corporate sponsors who fall in line with your brand and where your brand should be seen. It’s this keen knowledge of your brand, and where to shop it, to get a better return on your investment as a whole. It’s this approach that helps us put the “little man” in contact with big time investors who will get your brand seen or get their brand seen to allow synergy in the market place.  Request a Quote


SPONSORSHIP MANAGEMENT AND SCOUT: We find the cars and then legitimize and certifythe cars and make sure that they are the right investment for a company who is seeking out a sponsorship opportunity, especially if they don’t have the manpower in which to go to do this skill themselves.  Request a Quote


RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT VEHICLES: Ground level research and seeking out various vehicles in which the client could uses to get their product out to the marketplace. Whether it’s the latest top of the line vehicle or show car looking to improve their showmanship, we find the perfect company matches to ensure an amazing product and outcome for the client.  Request a Quote


EVENT PRODUCTION & STAFFING: Whether for a car show, App launch or a showcase for the newest brand that is on the market or will be on the market, we make sure that your event is fully staffed with capable people who fit the brand efficiently. We have the best crop of people from models, djs, car owners and the like, who help to bring the best to a brand and make sure that the event is not only a success, but it’s the best use of money and time to create a conversation about your brand.  Request a Quote


GRAPHIC DESIGN & MULTIMEDIA: Why hassle with trying to find the right graphics and inlays for your brand? We take your concept and work tirelessly on creating an image that is not only representative of your brand, but it also becomes your trademark that people began to know you by. Think, Coke, Ford or any other brand who has been a great influence on the market and how it pops and also is very relevant.  Request a Quote


PROJECT VEHICLE DEVELOPMENT: When asked for a specific vehicle of your choice, the company seeks out the vehicle, custom develops it with the client’s tastes in mind. It’s this attention to detail that will set your project apart for many others, as these projects could have been made specifically by the client in question because we work so closely with them and allow them to be in on the decision making process. After-all. its their vision that is brought to the table.  Request a Quote


NATIONAL FEATURE & BOOTH VEHICLE FLEET: If the need for a specific car is relayed to our team, no matter the city, state or part of the country you’re in, we can guarantee the client’s needs will be met. Old models, new models and the ordinary cars that you see on the street daily, we get them for the client whether it is for a car show, music vehicle, film, television or just a car display for a local car club, we try our best to satisfy your needs as a client.                 Request a Quote


RETAIL & WHOLESALE:   Relaunching the lifestyle brand that is 742, whether it is end user or manufactures, we have created a marketplace for different brands and merchandise that is sold at a competitive price and allows the clientele to access it 24 hours a day in our online store for various products that are reflective of the 742 lifestyle and brand.  Request a Quote


MODEL AGENCY: We have gathered a unique mix of models from various backgrounds that can reflect your brand’s image. There is no discrimination and we have a wide array of color, shapes, sizes and personalities to give the client what they are looking for.            Request a Quote