742 Remembers 9/11

13 years later we still cant understand how this happen but accept that we are a strong nation and have been able to over come the situation. I remember the exact moment of where I was when the first tower was hit….do you?

Let’s not forget and remember those fallen.


Speed Shop Tour #4 – LBC Edition is only 2 weeks away!


With the success of the series and partnership with Pep Boys Speed Shops across Southern California we bring you #SST4 – LBC EDITION. This stop will take place in the City of Long Beach, CA. on September 7th. 2014 at 9am – 3pm. This event is FREE to ALL spectators and for a small fee of $30 you are able to showoff your ride as well. We don’t pre-screen anyone as this event is for you the Enthusiast.

With the openings of SPEED SHOPS by Pep Boys across the west coast we are excited to continue bringing you community events for all your friends and family. LIVE DJ, Raffles, Awards, Cars, Model Lounge, REVcompetition, SoundOFF and Car show…what else can you ask for on a weekend in sunny California.

Make sure to visit our facebook page to stay up to date on the future events and follow the series.