Marketing Program

Business Marketing Program "BMP"


 As a MANUFACTURER AND SPONSOR you will benefit of the commitment we have to making sure vehicles that you decide to sponsor through our company, 742 MARKETING, commit to contracts arranged by your company.  Giving a peace of mind knowing that you’re RETURN ON INVESTMENT or ROI will be guaranteed and not wasted on vehicles that will not attend car shows, car meets, promoting your brand and represent you one hundred percent.  Vehicles accepted to our marketing programs have been reviewed and researched to make sure that they are the correct fit for our company and yours. Not every applicant gets accepted. Access to New model Vehicles for Possible Research and Development, and Test Fit. Vehicles chosen to join our program are committed to the end of the year SEMA SHOW as a feature and possibly a booth car, making this a greater opportunity for exposure. 

Vehicle Marketing Program "VMP"


 As A SPONSORED VEHICLE you will have the benefit of the opportunity to access partial and full sponsorship's from our affiliate companies. A professional proposal and introduction of your vehicle will be sent to all affiliates to give them an opportunity to work with your vehicle. Online promotions and exposure will be handled by 742 MARKETING to benefit you and your project ride. Access to Research and Development and Test Fit will be granted to all registered vehicles of 742 MARKETING. Up and center booth placement at local events where 742 Marketing might have a display. Access to Discount for event registrations and also local shops for installs. Nothing in this world is free and if your mindset is that exactly (free) then this is not the program for you. Our programs are memberships that consist of 1 year of building and 1 year of showing what's been built. Contracts are signed to protect both the sponsors and 742 Marketing. It's the only way we keep our programs legit. 


Enthusiast Program


New to the industry? Not sure how far you can go with your project? Starting to attend meets, car shows and need help kick starting the build? then this program is for you. 

Our team works with you one on one to make sure that your decisions are carefully evaluated to fit your budget and build timeline. This being a one year program it gives you the flexibility to pull the trigger on a timely matter. 

In this program you will have access to the following: Partial Sponsorship's, Discounted product from all of our partners, Discounted vehicle registration to events, be part of an elite group of enthusiast that can help you every step of the way.

Elite Program


This program is designed for individuals who's build is well on it's way and needs that extra push to reach world recognition by becoming a display vehicle at numerous events nationwide.

​In this program the ultimate goal for our team is to team you up with manufacturer's that are looking for an specific type of vehicle to help promote new and upcoming products, showcase at trade shows and car shows in their booths, Deep discount opportunities only for Elite Program Members, first in hand for test fits or R&D opportunities, full sponsorship's opportunities, media exposure in magazine's and online website and much more.

Let us give you that extra push you need.

Elite "PLUS" Program


 We also offer a program called "ELITE PLUS" Which is a program available for vehicles that are wanted as a booth vehicle for one of our VIP Partners for trade shows and national events. 

This program is not available to everyone. It's vehicle specific and up to the discretion of our clients who they choose. 

for information on cost and available spots email: 



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